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For now, MIPA active projects are limited and entirely opportunistic.

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Abuse Reporting Format (ARF)

Specifying a common format and packaging for sending reports about email abuse.



Affiliations List (AffiL)

Domain names can be used as the core identifier in an assessment process, such as when filtering incoming email. One type of assessment is to note that the name is used by a person, role or organization having a particular affiliation, such as being part of a well-known company or being part of a salient industry association. Such a list is distinct from qualitative assessment lists, such as for email reputation. This specification provides a method for determining whether an individual, authenticated domain name has a particular affiliation. It provides a means by which the list owner can describe the list, but the specification does not indicate what affiliations exist or should be consulted. The specification uses Vouch By Reference (VBR) as its query mechanism.



Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV)

Providing a mechanism for assessing the validity of an email's envelope return (bounce) address. The original submitter of a message signs the SMTP MailFrom address. This enables detection of invalid bounce addresses.




China Anti-Spam Initiative

Creating ongoing, constructive dialogue between China's ISPs and the ISPs outside of China, along with the Internet's many anti-spam organizations.




Certified Server Validation (CSV)

Permitting mail-receiving servers to assess mail-sending servers.




DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

Developing DKIM message header authentication, to establish accountability during message transfer.



Anti-Spam Operations

Defining best current practises for email operators to use.


Mailing Lists

Take a look, here, at the public mailing lists operated by MIPA.



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