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China Anti-Spam Initiative

Internet Society of China (ISC) has taken the lead in attempting to resolve the serious impact of spam on China's Internet operations.

Efforts are nascent. They currently focus on creating ongoing, constructive dialogue between China's ISPs and the ISPs outside of China, along with the Internet's many anti-spam organizations

The Problems


The problem from the US side is that a substantial fraction of the spam received in US mailboxes is transmitted from China -- more than 10% according to AOL's statistics. Even worse are the large number of spamvertised web sites that are hosted in China.

The problem from the Chinese side is that large swaths of the Chinese IP space are being black listed or black holed in the US, without warning or recourse, impacting ordinary users and innocent businesses.



  • Anti-spam workshop

Beijing, April 2004
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  • ISC informal meeting with anti-spam organizations

Mountain View, August 2004

  • Anti-spam workshop

Beijing, September 2004
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