[mail-vet-discuss] Removing A-R headers fields

Alessandro Vesely vesely at tana.it
Mon Feb 8 09:53:11 PST 2010

(is this list still active?)

Section 5 of rfc5451 says:

   An MTA SHOULD remove any instance of this header field bearing a
   version (express or implied) that it does not support.  However, an
   MTA MUST remove such a header if the [SMTP] connection relaying the
   message is not from a trusted internal MTA.

I'm puzzled about the "trusted internal" qualification. Assuming that 
"internal" is relative to an ADMD, "trusted" seemingly means the 
opposite of "compromised". Or was that meant to be "trusted _or_ 
internal"? Perhaps, a trusted forwarder's A-R fields could be let alone...

BTW, any pointer to current deployments of this field?

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