[mail-vet-discuss] Auth-Results issues? #8 secton 5.1

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Mar 23 08:39:20 PST 2006

At 21:54 22-03-2006, Tony Hansen wrote:
>Wow. I know you're trying to deal with legacy MUAs. But this is placing
>a recommendation onto the MTA to do something wrong to work around a
>possible problem with any MUAs that *may* be connected to that MTA. Yuck.

This is a MUA specific feature which will remain for years to come 
and may well be taken as a "standard" in future.  By subverting the 
Priority header, we prevent it from being used for the intended 
purpose in an environment with this feature enabled.

>I think you should just get rid of this section.

IIRC, I commented against this "feature" a year ago.


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