[mail-vet-discuss] Auth-Results issues? #7 section 4.1

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Wed Mar 22 21:49:22 PST 2006

In section 4.1, it says:

   		Naturally then, users would not activate such a
   feature unless they are certain the header will be added by the
   receiving MTA that accepts the mail which is ultimately read by the
   MUA, and instances of the header added by foreign MTAs will be
   removed before delivery.

Where does it say that foreign A-Rs are to be removed? I don't see that
anywhere in the spec.

Later in section 4.1, it says:

   An MTA adding a header MUST add the header at the top of the message
   so that there is generally some indication upon delivery of where in
   the chain of handling MTAs the sender authentcation was done.

This actually places the A-R in the same category as a trace header, as
defined in [MAIL]. This should be mentioned.

	Tony Hansen
	tony at att.com

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