[dkim-ops] [Q] _adsp._domainkey.klunky.co.uk - is this correct, and should I use it

Jim Fenton fenton at bluepopcorn.net
Mon Feb 14 10:35:53 PST 2011

On 2/14/11 9:47 AM, John R. Levine wrote:
>> I have been using ADSP "dkim=all" for quite some time from this domain
>> and have had no indication that any of my mail has been dropped.
> I believe it, but that's probably because dkim=all doesn't have any 
> effect on anyone's filtering.

So, which is it?  Does it cause mail to be dropped, or does it not have 
any effect?  Can't be both.

My (stock, unmodified from Fedora distribution) SpamAssassin plugin does 
apply a small adjustment to the score if there's a dkim=all and there's 
no valid author signature.  I think that's good; you probably think 
that's bad.


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