[dkim-ops] [Q] dkim-filter (postfix filter : key retrieval failed

J4K junk4 at klunky.co.uk
Wed Feb 9 05:35:34 PST 2011

Dear those who might know about dkim-milter,

	The DKIM-Filter I run occasionally returns these key retrieval failure
messages, and then rejects the email.

I am trying to work out whether this is,
	a misconfiguration problem with the sender's DKIM entry in DNS,
	a time-out from my server to the DNS
	a misconfiguration on my server.

Some messages from the postfix log follows:-

Feb  9 14:08:05 srv1 dkim-filter[6967]: 0F40884146: key retrieval failed
Feb  9 14:08:05 srv1 postfix/cleanup[19030]: 0F40884146: milter-reject:
END-OF-MESSAGE from smtp143.junkemailfilter.com[]: 4.7.1
Service unavailable - try again later; from=<bounce at couchsurfing.org>
to=<niceuser at klunky.co.uk> proto=ESMTP helo=<junkemailfilter.com>

Again, if someone would point me in the right direction, then perhaps I
can work out what to test and then mend.

This mightn't be the right list. I'm still looking for the right one,
but it is certainly related.

Best regards, S

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