[dkim-ops] [ietf-dkim] ASL/ATPS Zone Record Wizard and Policy Simulator

Hector Santos hsantos at isdg.net
Fri Oct 1 11:07:55 PDT 2010

Hector Santos wrote:
> I prepared this wizard web site to help explore DKIM policies and the 
> creating of zone record for ADSP Extensions ASL/ATPS proposals.
>     http://www.winserver.com/public/wcadsp
> Comments are welcomed.

Thanks for the suggests provided off-list to improve the wizard.

   - Add creation of Windows DNS server DNSCMD batch file commands

   - Authorized Signature list text box should allow comma
     separated input

   - For the signer test simulation, highlight the authentication result.
     (Is coloring in red, ok?)

Two comments I got were about the "confusion nature" of policy and the 
complexity of ATPS record management, hence the Windows DNS server 
"DNSCMDS" batch file commands auto-creation.

Hector Santos, CTO

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