[dkim-ops] [OT] Suggestion for "i=" tag in DKIMProxy

Byung-Hee HWANG bh at izb.knu.ac.kr
Wed Nov 5 16:20:14 PST 2008

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First of all, i congratulate you have new President, Mr. Obama. Obama's
the path of life gave me some tears. In personal, he is nice guy.

OK, to return to our muttons, a few days ago, i tested for the relation
of "g=" and "i=" tag at Gmail [1]. In the results, i could get a
RFC4871-Compatible identity "@izb.knu.ac.kr" from Gmail. However, what i
wanted really was "bh at izb.knu.ac.kr" as the identity. After some
discussion with Google's DKIM Team, i knew that i(we) need "i=" tag of
DKIM-Signature in out-bond email to transit through DKIMProxy. However
RFC4871 says that implementation of "i" tag of DKIM-Signature is
optional. So i can't force Jason's mind. If it is possible, however, i
really wish Jason to implement the "i=" tag of DKIM-Signature in the
next release schedule. According to MIPA's discussion about "DKIM and
mailing lists", in the future, DKIM's "i=" tag may be used for
RFC2822-From's verification of identity [2].

Last night, i did some investigation about sites to support "i=" tag of
DKIM-Signature in out-bond email. To sum up, the sites are "port25.com",
"testing.dkim.org" and "mtcc.com" currently. I guess there are more
sites than this results if we do investigation more again with so much
spare times.

Here Korea is going to Winter. Take care.. your healthy..

[1] http://mipassoc.org/pipermail/dkim-ops/2008-November/thread.html#67
[2] http://mipassoc.org/pipermail/ietf-dkim/2006q1/thread.html#1753

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