[dkim-dev] ATPS v01 - Hash Length

Hector Santos hsantos at santronics.com
Thu Sep 30 12:16:54 PDT 2010

Hector Santos wrote:
> But what if we allow ATPS for a wild card hash?
> RRYSFVSSZN56ELIZQ3Y7GCYH7VIQRWOA._atps  TXT ("v=atps01; d=*.example.com;")

Btw, I was exploring this sub-domain wildcard idea and for the 
specific domain:


I was getting a short BASE32(SHA1("*.winserver.com")) result and 
depending on what base32 encoding function used, you can get "=" padding.

  2VGN3G3GATAIHHTMGWPQ====._atps  TXT ("v=atps01; d=*.winserver.com;")

shorter than 32.  I checked this with various base32(sha1()) library 
methods. All produce the same result.

Without the *. subdomain prefix, you get:

  JCHJYKXMWKNBYFGE2BG4TD6ADD264OLH._atps  TXT ("v=atps01; 

and other wild card hashing does this show this hashing behavior:

3LZJLXW37GAOBEWLNDWERVOC6SY5VTUI._atps  TXT ("v=atps01; d=*.isdg.net;")

I am not sure if this show there could be collisions with the 
base32(sha1()) algorithm or that you were always expecting an uniform 
32 character hash result.


Hector Santos

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