[dkim-dev] DomainKeys Signs Only Some Mail, Why?

Michael Thomas mat at cisco.com
Wed Jan 16 10:11:20 PST 2008

SM wrote:
> Hi Shannon,
> At 20:30 15-01-2008, Shannon D. Denniston wrote:
>> What causes DomainKeys to sign some mail but not
>> all mail from a particular domain? We have a PHP
>> script that sends mail to subscribers of a mailing list
>> then sends a report after completion of the mailing to
>> the list owner. The mail sent to the subscribers is not
>> signed while the report sent to the administrator is
>> signed. What causes DomainKeys to sign one message
>> but not all messages sent from the sending domain?
> You did not provide any information about the software being used for 
> Domainkeys signing and how it is configured.
> Taking a rough guess, I would say that your software has not been 
> configured to sign mail for the subdomain.

Right, or that the access control to the signer is not liking the
identity that is sending the mail (eg, IP address, SMTP auth identity, etc).


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