[dkim-dev] DomainKeys Signs Only Some Mail, Why?

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Jan 16 09:54:31 PST 2008

Hi Shannon,
At 20:30 15-01-2008, Shannon D. Denniston wrote:
>What causes DomainKeys to sign some mail but not
>all mail from a particular domain? We have a PHP
>script that sends mail to subscribers of a mailing list
>then sends a report after completion of the mailing to
>the list owner. The mail sent to the subscribers is not
>signed while the report sent to the administrator is
>signed. What causes DomainKeys to sign one message
>but not all messages sent from the sending domain?

You did not provide any information about the software being used for 
Domainkeys signing and how it is configured.

Taking a rough guess, I would say that your software has not been 
configured to sign mail for the subdomain.


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