[taugh.com-johnl] Re: [feedback-report] New version of the ARF draft

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu May 24 21:10:49 PDT 2007

At 11:17 24-05-2007, Damon Sauer wrote:
>Everyday I am inundated with people marking their credit card receipts
>and shipping confirmations as spam. Since I am sending all my
>transactional from a particular domain, I suppose it is possible to do
>something with it.While the wording "This is not spam because it is
>transactional" would need some smithing it would go a long way in
>educating the user that would otherwise, for whatever reason, mark it
>as spam and thereby reducing the amount of noise in the actual

I doubt that the assertion the this message is not spam because it is 
transactional would help.  The message should be easily identified as 
a response to a transaction or else it will get lost in the reporting flood.


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