[taugh.com-johnl] Re: [feedback-report] How's that revised ARF draft coming along?

Yakov Shafranovich YakovS at solidmatrix.com
Mon May 7 18:14:12 PDT 2007

John R Levine wrote:
>> Whether registry entries need policing enforcement, rather than simple
>> bookkeeping rules, is a basic question to decide now.
> I'm with you, so long as the proposed entry has a description of what it
> does that is reasonably coherent, add it in.  We're talking about
> strings here, it's not like we're going to run out of namespace.

Fine with me then. Here is the relevant option from IANA rfc:

> First Come First Served - Anyone can obtain an assigned number, so
>            long as they provide a point of contact and a brief
>            description of what the value would be used for.  For
>            numbers, the exact value is generally assigned by the IANA;
>            with names, specific names are usually requested.
>            Examples: vnd. (vendor assigned) MIME types [MIME-REG], TCP
>            and UDP port numbers.

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