[taugh.com-johnl] Re: [feedback-report] How's that revised ARF draft coming along?

Dave Crocker dhc at dcrocker.net
Mon May 7 12:14:23 PDT 2007

J.D. Falk wrote:
> On 2007-05-05 21:52, John R Levine wrote:
>>> Any idea on what is left to do for it, aside for editing, etc? Where
>>> there any features that need to be added?
>> As far as I know, it's just editing.  I might want to add another 
>> couple of report types for use in spam/not-spam feedback to one's own 
>> ISP, but it's not urgent.

I suggest NOT adding anything for which there is not an already demonstrated 
strong need.  Instead, report types can be a registry, so that other values 
can be added as needed.

> Seems like the part of the story which fits into an RFC has been 
> complete for a while, and any future efforts will revolve around 
> explaining everything else.

I'm inclined to suggest request publishing this as an Informational RFC, to 
avoid the hassles of standardization.  If ARF gains a wide enough base, it's 
easy to revisit this.



   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking

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